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as proof that I’m not sitting around on my ass/oh motherfcuking of all SHITS i am SO going to fanfic hell for this


an excerpt from Fulcrum Chapter 2: 

“Is my cologne too strong?” Prompto asked, leaning closer.  “It’s never been an issue for me in the past, but you’re cut above what I’m uh…” he smirked “shall we say…’used to’ so…”

“I’ll admit it’s a little overwhelming,” Lightning murmured, trying not to squirm as Prompto’s lips inched closer to hers.  She could feel her face beginning to heat up.  It had literally been an age since she had engaged in this sort of intimacy and the knowledge suddenly intimidated her, filling her head with stupid anxieties. 

How am I supposed to-

What if he thinks I’m not—

WALK AWAY, Odin growled.

I can’t.  It’s too late.


NO! Light exclaimed, before adding in a calmer tone, No.  I am fine. I can do this.  Do not move a muscle.


He won’t.  


I swear.

Prompto chuckled. “You’re even cuter when you’re blushing.” He cupped her cheek between his thumb and forefinger, tilting her gaze upward. Then he closed his eyes.  Lightning did too, holding her breath as she counted the seconds.  There was the gentlest of brushings for a brief moment and then—


Noctis sounded surprised and—Lightning was definitely sure she did not hear wrong—accusatory, too.  The entire hallway quickly filled with the crystal’s telltale hum.

Prompto rolled his eyes before looking over his shoulder.

“Noct, hey! Claire and I were just talking about you!”

"Claire?" Noctis repeated dubiously, looking from him to her.

Prompto turned back and winked, and then in a poof of crystal dust he was gone, leaving just her and the Lucis heir apparent standing awkwardly in the hallway together.  When it seemed as if an eternity had passed, he finally made a start toward her, but Lightning took a step back, wary. 

 “What’s wrong?”

“Your eyes…” she pointed out quietly.

“Sorry.” He closed them for a few moments, but when they opened she was surprised to find she wasn’t at all relieved when they were back to normal.  That did not make sense to her at all.  She trusted him, didn’t she?  Casting those doubts aside she walked toward him.

The doors opened again, and this time it was Regis flanked by Cor and the rest of the council.  Lightning bowed her head, but before her eyes hit the carpet she could have sworn Regis looked disappointed.  She couldn’t tell who with; however. 

After their footsteps died away she finally dared to look up.  Noctis had been glaring after them the whole time.  She gently tugged his sleeve. 


He turned that glare on her.  “What—uh, sorry,” he said quickly.  He forced a laugh and shrugged.  “It’s been kinda hectic these past couple of uh…you know.”

“I wouldn’t, actually, because you’ve been keeping me in the dark,” Lightning said, crossing her arms.

“Rich, coming from you,” he retorted. 

Excuse me?” Where the hell did that come from?

“Nothing.” Noctis snapped.  ”Let’s just go.” He turned and started down the hallway, not even bothering to wait for her. After a few paces Lightning forced herself to follow, feeling her chest tighten painfully for the second time since leaving home.   



Lightis Plot Bunny


Lightis AU where Noct has to show the Cocoon Ambassador around Lucis but they hate each other - have done so since they met as children in the Academy (Suzaku Peristylium?) because of clashing ideals. She’s super studious and ambitious—he’s not so they’re constantly bickering.  Anyway, on her first official visit to Lucis as an ambassador he’s forced to play tour guide.  Only he decides to prank her and tells her they’re going to go skiing.  Unbeknownst to her, it’s a monster nesting ground.  He plans on leaving her there just to scare the shit out of her…except the ALPHA suddenly comes out to play and he has to go rescue her before her death is interpreted as an act of hostility and war.

And then this happens…image







But yeah, he rescues her and eventually it becomes a bedtime story they tell their daughter like 

Daddy did you really leave mommy up there to get eaten?”

Well uh—”

"Yes he did, and if it wasn’t for him I still would have had my mother’s pendant” says Light.

"Hey I resent that.  I got you a new one didn’t I?"

"New one?" Light scoffs, amidst their seven-year old’s giggles.  “You gave me your one as a replacement and I can’t even wear it because I’m allergic to silver.”


And while they bicker their kid falls asleep to it—-that’s the real bedtime story for her hahah

Lightis Headcanon: Asking her out


So Noct is shy around women, right? I have this headcanon that when he tries to talk to Light because of her intimidating nature he accidentally says weird things like ‘breasts’ and ‘legs’ because he’s a bit distracted, and then after she looks at him like wtf he starts stuttering and in a hidden corner where he’s been giving advice via earpiece Prompto just facepalms.  And Lightning, having no idea who this random stranger is just goes all blank because she hasn’t the faintest idea what he’s talking about, but remembers she’s got a mission in two days time and then promptly goes back to training.  


And Noct just stands there like


wait you like swords i have swords you can have all of them where are you going i love you come back to me mother of my future children

Lightis Contrasts(?)/Spy AU Headcanon


where Noct and Light are secret agents with all this sexual tension between them because dating is ‘frowned upon’ and she always manages to make sure she’s not alone with him just so she doesn’t have to go through the pain of rejecting him.  

She really does like him, but in their line of work there’s no guarantees and she needs that stability. Additionally Noctis’ rep as a ‘rebel’ who flouts protocol and regulation in the organization doesn’t exactly help his case, but hey, opposites attract.  Deep down she wants to rebel against the rules and not have to be ‘responsible’ and sensible all the time when she was raising Serah.  Noct on the other hand finds her adherence to rules irritating, but a part of him respects her for it because that takes incredible discipline.  

Both are people each wish they could become, but can’t because of the circumstances surrounding their upbringing. Lightning has learnt to adapt to whatever it is life throws at her at an early age while Noctis  has been fighting back or running.  This contrast draws the two to each other but he knows Lightning would never act on her feelings because it’s in her nature.  

Anyway, while on a mission i have a headcanon that Noct’s overwhelming shyness makes him use underhanded methods in trying to woo her e.g. using the guise of making the target Lightning’s meant to seduce ‘jealous’ as an excuse to kiss her…

which is…
ironic, given he hates subterfuge and ‘politics’, but she’s the only one he’d abandon his principles for in his books that’s a big fcuking deal, so he figures she has to be worth it





And then he walks off smug like, ‘we’ll finish this later’ but really he’s flipping out on the inside because she kissed him back


Lightning’s fucking badass.

I can’t even say it any other way.

She’s just badass.