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That Precious Bolt of Light || Week 4


Week 4 of Pregnancy:

The blastocyst that will be your baby splits to form the placenta and the embryo, and the specialized parts of your baby’s body begin to develop.


}——Steam rose from the hot water running to fill the tub. Relaxing the muscles of the over worked literature scholar and young prince of Lucis. Fitting in the tub together with ease she brushed up against him. His arms wrapped around her letting the water cover their exposed bodies. Minutes passed by as they laid relaxed in each others arms as if time was not at factor. 

Work had been skipped and classes had been excused for her week long with the man. Another week passed and she sat in his arms. Something completely out of character of her own well being in the past. Taking it to note as something she would never do again her lips pressed to his slowly pulling away in attempt to resist the man she fell in love with. Only one other encounter with each other after their first meeting in town square time together always seemed so precious.

You can not avoid your responsibilities forever. As much as I hate to say it, you need to go back and I need to return to my routine.

With a sigh the royal agreed as much as he hated to. She was right and arguing over it was not going to change that fact. He had pulled her away from her daily life routine long enough and he had been absent from his own kingdom far to long. Abandoning his kingdom for a women he love was not an option not matter how much he loved her over his own kingdom. They would be lost with out an heir and more war would break out.

Arms only tightened around him keeping his love tight with in his grasp to hold on to her for the few hours he had left with her. Stealing a kiss his blue crystal shut to relax and preserve this moment in bliss with his chin upon her head and her ear to his chest. Listening to the racing of his heart as they laid with in the warmth of each other and the hot bath.

That Precious Bolt of Light || Week 3


Week 3 of Pregnancy:

As sperm meets egg, fertilization occurs and your baby-to-be takes form — as a tiny group of cells.


}——A day like this was one not so quiet in the home in France, a day off with nothing but a cat as company. The young scholar sat in bed with the new snack she had come to love of gold fish crackers. The land line rung continuously until the click was heard and pressed to her ear. Sitting in a moment of silence listening to the banter of the man whom seemed more pissed then happy to have the women answer. It took some time before she cut off the man on the other end. 

I under stand that, Caelum but he is just doing it for the good of your kingdom.

Her words were ones he had heard before because she had heard his before. It had been the same continuous conversation starter when ever he called. It only lasted a few minutes before they went into a regular conversation a long distances couple would have on the phone after nights of being unable to talk to one another. Long distances where hard, but she managed some how with her busy schedule and his. They where both fine with it. What if’s always came up but it always died out with laughter from another subject suddenly brought up.

The laughter died leaving the two with a pleasant conversation of wishes and fulfilling each others desires. Wishing to be able to hold one another, lay in the others arms, run fingers through the beautiful locks of the others. That was until the door bell rung. Continuing to talk to her knight in shinning armor on the other line her body shifted from its position in bed towards the front door. Twisting the knob with her free hand, swinging open the door to catch glimpse of him. Frozen in place, the phone between digits slide out onto the floor with a thud. Arms wrapped around the man pressing her lips to his.

Noctis you idiot.

Three words slipped from between her tiers as lips parted for only a moment. Personas pressed into each other moved together. The door slammed with the gesture of the heirs foot hitting against it. Moving her and his self to the couch before falling upon her. Tiers left from rosette ones trailing against her jaw and neck. Parting her lips a gasping moan fell loosing the grip from around him