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About Lightning and Lumina.


When Final Fantasy XIII was first announced for some reason people were thinking that Lightning was some kind of mercenary who have forgotten her past etc. And then we learned about Serah, and I remember people complaining about it. She was badass when she was a mercenary with no past. She was weak when her motivation was to save her sister. I remember being very angry.

Lightning is an amazing character. She is a fighter but she is also such a huge maternal figure. She’s much more interesting than some kind of broody emotionless mercenary with a hazy past. (Cloud is also more than a broody mercenary with a hazy past but this is not about him.) She is caring, she is protective, she is afraid, she is brave, she is awkward, she makes mistakes, she learns from them.

And I really really love the choice Square Enix makes when they bring Lumina to the picture. She is like a huge fuck you to everyone who thinks emotions are useless things that make a character weak. On the contrary, Lightning finally finds her inner peace by accepting her playful, emotional, childish side. And I love it.

I was always scoffed at for being emotional. I was always told that it was a weakness. I just really love that Square Enix always and always cares for emotions and never ignore their importance. Lightning is emotional and she is amazing.